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Meet The Team


Mayur Suchdev

Managing Partner

Mayur Suchdev has a background in Data Analytics and Finance by working for several different Investment Banks including: Citigroup, Barclay’s Capital, and Management Consulting to gain corporate exposure. He also has actively been engaged in all aspects of Real Estate Investments since 2014 by funding flips, managing construction, acquisitions, and building a portfolio of long term rental properties. Mayur has executed over $20 million in various real estate transactions, primarily focusing on acquisition of Multi-Unit and Mixed Use properties in transforming neighborhoods.
Favorite Book: Richest Man in Babylon


Julian Henao



Julian Henao has been managing construction projects for 15 years +. He has a passion for innovative construction design and renovation. With his sharp attention to detail and effective leadership he provides comprehensive and efficient construction methods. Julian has been investing actively in the multifamily space since 2017 and is motivated to bettering communities by providing safe housing.
Favorite Book: Think and Grow Rich


Jersey City

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