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Investment Strategy

Real estate is one of the fastest routes (or paths) to financial freedom. The stock market is known to fluctuate but the real estate market stays relatively consistent year after year, making it a reliable investment.


Invest With Centrious

  • Motivated sellers

  • Family owned multi-units and mixed units

  • Off-market and Value-Add assets

Who we work with:

  • Accredited and non-accredited investors

  • Real Estate Brokers and Developers

  • Start-up and venture projects

  • Equity Partners for business acquisitions

​We look for Family owned multi-units and mixed units because these properties tend to be under-managed. Over time many of these owners fall behind and begin viewing their investment as a burden. By buying under-managed family owned multi-units and mixed units we are able to purchase at wholesale or below market value 

Our Criteria When Selecting A Deal:
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 10.26.06
Salt Lake City
Jersey City
New Jersey
North Carolina
Project size
Asset Quality
Cap Rates
Broker Relationships

5 - 150 units. Portfolios are also appreciated

Class B/C properties


Typically 1980's and newer

6% and above


Creating professional and honest partnerships with brokers and agents and are compensated for providing investments opportunities


This process is focused on the analysis of distressed, off-market, Multi-Unit and Mixed Use properties in prospective growth markets that need a value add transition.


Once we find a property that meets our requirements, we try to offer 60-70% After-Repair Value (ARV) as we are financing the deals, rehabbing properties, and ensuring proper management of the assets are in place.


We want to add value to the C class assets we acquire and to make them into A or B properties by either raising the rents or selling the property at a much higher value for profits.


We make sure our investors have constant communication with our team throughout the process and eventually get those attractive returns once we decide what to do with that property. Monthly Zoom meetings with investors will be conducted to keep them updated on progress. Once we secure equity in these deals, we keep repeating the process and scale by deferring any taxes. This is called a 1031 exchange and plays a huge role in our investment strategy.

Our Real Estate fundamentals are based on the three target characteristics:


  Opportunity Zones

  • These are areas that provide tax incentives when investors develop properties and gentrify these locations. Most neighborhoods that are in opportunity zones are low-income urban and rural communities. We use this information to identify value add deals based on upcoming development. 

  • For more information on Opportunity zones:

   Redevelopment Zones

  • Redevelopment Zones and Transit Village allocations have been in planning for the past few years, and have been recently approved. These are areas that will see major improvement to infrastructure, thus creating better sub-markets.

   Commute and Job Market Outlook

  • Proximity to transportation to a major city is proven to have a positive impact on property values. For example, Jersey City features buses, ferries, light rail, and path transportation methods to New York City, Long Island City, and Brooklyn.

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Jersey City

Public Transportation Map

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Public Transportation Map

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